Mosaic Learning can design a learning experience that positively affects your bottom line.


The design process starts with understanding your critical path. Our highly trained experts organize your training content or needs, and provide the journey for seamless integration into your existing network. In order to design the most effective learning system that is aligned with the latest technology, our team follows a design sequence that is tailored to your organization’s requirements and critical learning areas that need the most impact.


A detailed needs-analysis that answers the key variables of design, such as current systems, objectives and goals. We’ll gather information such as:
  1. What is the current situation?
  2. Who is the student?
  3. What are the learning objectives?
  4. What are we trying to solve?
  5. How are we going to solve it with learning?
  6. What will the benefits of our solution offer?


Your learning experience must have the right content in place if the tools in which you use to share it are to be effective. Based on our findings during the needs analysis, our team will develop a high-level course outline to ensure all topics are being covered and are organized in the best manner to benefit the student and move the needle for the organization. From here we develop storyboards or drafts of documents in order to see how this outline will come to life in the future and identify what technologies are needed.


Understanding the student’s needs and expectations allows us to identify the most effective and engaging technologies. Based on the content thus far developed, our team of subject matter experts and instructional system designers will select resources that integrate with your existing or new learning platforms.


In the end, the experience needs to come to life. Our award-winning creative team ensures that when your platform is ready, it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From augmented reality, to 3D design, to application development, the end result is a realistic, engaging experience.

We understand the value of a collaborative, tailored approach. Let our experts guide solutions that align with your goals and values.