Matt Sollars

Director of Development Operations & Architecture

Experience: 20+ years

Matt Sollars strives to ensure software is not a “black box” only understood by its developers. Additionally, strong teams have to be mindful of each project’s longevity. His department’s combination of pre-planning and Agile lead to systems that take-off quickly without suffering from the paralysis of over-architecting everything up front. Matt mentors on development practices and team leadership. He is constantly learning the latest methodologies and frameworks for software development in order to keep his teams knowledgeable for any project. Furthermore, Matt truly believes that our clients should have the opportunity to understand exactly what technology runs their custom software and he is more than willing to demonstrate it. Mosaic Learning has learning at its core, and Matt believes strongly in all members continuing their learning throughout their careers. Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science from Salisbury University.