Nabil Shaheen

Director of PMO

Experience: 20+ years

Nabil is most passionate about project management. His perspective on a PMO’s benefit is not solely based on tools and process but rather on its contribution to the organization in delivering value that excites customers and serves the needs of their learners. Prior to joining Mosaic Learning, he most recently managed the implementation of a large-scale program in finding and connecting home healthcare providers to patients in need. He has worked for several companies over his career that ranged from 50 employees to 10,000 employees in various roles from developer to program manager, and it is here at Mosaic Learning that he has been the most excited in his 20+ year career. To bring education in ways that are unique, impactful, and that challenge the traditional ways of learning is what ultimately leads to the betterment of people’s lives.

Nabil earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland and a M.Sc. Information Systems Technology from George Washington University.

During the weekends, when he is not playing, coaching or mentoring his three kids, Nabil likes to spend his time in the woodshop moving his projects though his personal Kanban board.