We create smart and advanced e-learning solutions fit for the end consumer. Through the use of experiential learning practices, we create fundamental transformations within your organization that set you about the competition and on a path to ultimate success.

New and/or Existing Content

  • Whether it’s new content and/or converting existing content, our team creates next-level eLearning programs that are specifically targeted for learning retention.
  • We design courses using cutting edge electronic technologies where appropriate such as simulations, virtual reality, augmented reality, & game-based learning to support the educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom experience.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning, or “mLearning,” is designed to specifically be experienced over mobile devices. mLearning enables the learner to have the content delivered wherever he or she is. Our team can help you create and/or convert your eLearning to be served for the mobile experience.

mLearning is not just the size of the display. The learning has to be rethought into bit-sized learning for effective retention by the audience. Mosaic Learning instructional designers work with our clients to restructure the learning to be served in a mobile mindset.

Adaptive/ Computer Mediated Learning

The learning systems of today must be capable of ascertaining the student’s absorption and retention of the content as the students are engaging with it. We are pioneers in the art of developing training that continually adjusts to the students’ performance to ensure learning objectives are met.

Existing content typically needs to be rethought to allow for true computer mediated learning. Our defined process is the roadmap to ensure a smooth transition to highly effective online learning.

Computer Mediated Learning:

  • Dynamically adapts to the needs of the learner
  • Provides specific remediation in areas where the individual learner needs it most
  • Provides targeted experiences that varies from learner to learner based on performance and mastery


Mosaic Learning believes in engaging students with games. From seasoned veterans to child learners, games in learning increases engagement and retention. Both our instructional and multimedia designers are well versed at converting subjects to challenges that students enjoy engaging with. Gamification benefits:

  • Utilizes elements such as badging, scoring and mastery elements to create an immersive, competitive and engaging learning experience
  • Provides an easily digestible, concrete gateway to learning abstract concepts
  • Facilitates more meaningful interaction in the present while inspiring continued learning in the future


Simulations can be a highly effective approach to verifying the learning objectives are obtained prior to the real-world application. This can have great impacts on safety and/or budgetary KPI’s that the training is meant to address. Whether its practicing customer service protocols or calibrating sensitive equipment, a properly done simulation can provide both mental and physical muscle memory to the student prior to actual application.

  • Learners can immerse themselves in a learning simulation without physically being at a location or in a hazardous situation. It can also be done in the comfort of his or her own home.
  • Helps a learner explore, navigate or obtain more information about that system or environment that cannot generally be acquired from mere experimentation
  • Goal oriented and focuses learners on specific facts, concepts, or applications of the system or environment