Animation and video production can enhance the experience of a customer or learner by engaging multiple styles of learning. Visual storytelling is a critical skillset Mosaic Learning has to convey subject matter in a digestible and engaging manner.


Moving graphics are better than a static illustration at showing a process or task because it can show each detail in motion. The right way and the wrong way to accomplish a task can be easily demonstrated. Voiceovers can help move learners through the animated content as concepts and theories are explained through visual storytelling.

Traditional Video

Using traditional video in your training and educational programs can sometimes be the best way to share the material you need to communicate. However, watching a video can be a passive experience for most learners and may lead to boredom or inattentiveness. Mosaic Learning works with you to bring interactive features into traditional video presentations to keep your learners engaged and better support your learning outcomes.

360-Degree Video

A 360-degree video can make you feel like you’re experiencing an environment first-hand and not just viewing it. This technology can be experienced in Virtual Reality, mobile, or Web apps, such as YouTube. It’s been found that the subconscious mind of a learner retains experiences deeper and faster when they’re immersed in this type of interactive experience.