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Our Vision:

To improve learning outcomes for all.

We believe that learning is a right of the many, not a privilege of the few. Technological innovation continues to demonstrate a universal ability to remove the traditional barriers of space and time to connect people. We believe that technology is transforming learning the same way, greatly enhancing the quality of a learner’s outcome. In this new paradigm of learning, the challenge will not be how long it takes to realize your potential, but how technology serves to enable you to master it.

Our Mission:

We fuse technology and ingenuity to bridge all barriers, connecting people and unleashing individual and organizational potential.

Mosaic Learning will become the leading provider of competency-based, accelerated learning outcomes and skill training for learners through combining adaptive user experiences, leading content, and machine learning.

Our Values

Forward Motion

  • Pursue innovation
  • Strive for constant improvement
  • Adopt a growth mindset


  • Honor the client relationship
  • Exhibit personal responsibility
  • Avoid complaints; Craft solutions


  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Accelerate the race to prosperity
  • Value feedback


  • Recognize the power of team over self
  • Seek diversity
  • Champion community

Embrace Adversity

  • Face challenges head-on
  • Adapt to change
  • Cultivate a bias for action