Shatter Your Perceptions


Learning has stalled; we restart it. Our interactive experiences get you past broken models and take you places you’ve never imagined. Don’t escape reality—work with us to create it.


Never Settle.

The way people learn today is outdated and ineffective. A lot of people are okay with that, but we aren’t. No one grows in comfort zones. Learners need interactive environments that engage all their senses and force them to think. We smash the status quo—you can, too. 


Partner Up.

We believe you have the potential to overcome pain points around learning and training. That’s why we become part of your team – to help you find the right solution from within. We harness the power of new technology and enable you to turn it loose. 


Learning is the Launchpad. 

Fusing video, apps, AR and VR, we unseat preconceived ideas. The 360° surroundings we create help people grasp new concepts and act on them. From science labs to HR teams to commercial marketing, we’ll disrupt your operation—and you’ll be glad we did. Why? Because changing learning changes everything.


Mosaic Learning is comprised of several different teams that work collaboratively to meet the specific needs of each individual client and project.