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Creating E-Learning Solutions

Mosaic Learning creates smart and advanced e-learning solutions fit for the end consumer. Through the use of experiential learning practices, we create fundamental transformations within your organization that set you about the competition and on a path to ultimate success.

Provide a pathway for your learners by setting clear metrics for success.

Tailored To You

Mosaic Learning identifies technology-enhanced learning solutions tailored to your content, context, and learners. Mosaic Learning uses research-based approaches to design experiences that maximize learning retention and application.

Our proven process covers all your bases:

  • Analyze the unique needs of your learning audience.
  • Assess the effectiveness of current learning programs.
  • Develop innovative learning experiences with measurable outcomes.
  • Revitalize existing content for different mediums.

E-Learning With New or Existing Content

Whether it’s new content and/or converting existing content, our team creates next-level eLearning programs that are specifically targeted for learning retention.

We design courses using cutting edge electronic technologies where appropriate such as simulations, virtual reality, augmented reality, & game-based learning to support the educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom experience.

Taking E-Learning Mobile

Mobile learning, or “mLearning,” is designed to specifically be experienced over mobile devices. mLearning enables the learner to have the content delivered wherever he or she is. Our team can help you create and/or convert your eLearning to be served for the mobile experience.

mLearning is not just the size of the display. The learning has to be rethought into bit-sized learning for effective retention by the audience. Mosaic Learning instructional designers work with our clients to restructure the learning to be served in a mobile mindset.