From 360-degree high-definition video captures to fully-realized virtual environments, Virtual Reality solutions allow the learner to immerse themselves in the experience and represents the bold future of training. Opportunities are endless with this progressive, rapidly evolving technology that includes practical applications, simulated training scenarios, and situational training.

Mosaic Learning Experience Platform

It can be daunting to deliver Virtual Reality experiences to your users/customers. Mosaic Learning recognizes that challenge and has created a worry-free platform to manage our Virtual Reality experiences, taking the support headache away from our clients.

  • Premier solution to centralized distribution and management of all proprietary Virtual Reality content
  • Manages installation, management, configuration, and digital rights management of supported virtual reality applications into single accessible interface
  • Browse Virtual Reality experiences with the ability to download, update, check hardware compatibility, and launch the experience using an exclusive account or third-party authentication
  • Ensures that an organization’s experiences are available and up-to-date when needed
  • Allows users to focus on running content and not managing software